Installing LLCMc++


In order to build LLCMc++ you will need some prerequisites

  • the CMake buildsystem
  • a C++98 compatible compiler & standard library (+ stdint.h from c99)
  • POSIX compatible support for dynamic library loading
  • the tinyXml library
  • the boost thread & unordered libraries

For Gluon++ support

For L²C support

  • the OmniORB4 library and IDL compiler
  • an MPI implementation

Most of these should be already installed or available on most Unix compatible systems.

Getting the source

In order to get LLCMc++ sources, you have two options.

  • get the latest source release;
  • or clone the GIT repository.

Getting a source release

Download the latest source release from

Unzip it:

tar -xf llcmcpp-src-*

Cloning the GIT repository

Clone the git repository

git clone git://


Then, choose a directory where you want to install LLCMc++ (for example /home/username/.local/). We will compile LLCMc++ in a directory next to the source called llcmcpp_build.

mkdir llcmcpp_build
cd llcmcpp_build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/username/.local/ ../llcmcpp
make install

Make sure the following directories in your installation are set in their respective environment variables:

  • bin/ in PATH
  • include/ in CPATH

Debug vs Release Compilation

LLCMc++ can be compiled in the DEBUG (-g -O2) or RELEASE (-O3 -DNDEBUG) mode. It can be configured through cmake

cd llcmcppp_build
ccmake .

Then, set the value of CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE either to DEBUG (default) or RELEASE.

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