L²C: Low Level Components

L²C is a Software Component Model targeted at use-cases where overhead matters such as High-Performance Computing.

In order to reduce overheads, L²C offers a low level of abstraction. This means for example that unlike the CORBA Component Model (CCM) it does not offer network transparency and that unlike the Common Component Architecture (CCA) it offers no language transparency.

Instead, L²C lets the user choose between various kind of interactions between components, some with ultra low overhead and others that support network transport.

L²C currently supports:

  • C++ components as a C++ class with minimal metadata
  • plain C++ calls between components
  • message passing through MPI between components
  • CORBA remote procedure call between components

L²C is extensible as additional interaction kinds can be added quite easily.

L²C is perfect as a backend to HLCM that brings additional functionalities through a compilation phase; thus only introducing overhead where really needed.

L²C is implemented as part of LLCMc++, you can install it by following these instructions.

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